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Photo Club – What's the deal with fashion photography?

What's the deal? is a series of member-exclusive seminars based on our current exhibitions, led by Göran Segeholm from Bildspråket.

Bild på Cindy Chermans verk och Göran Segeholm

We are starting a new series for those who like to think independently with others. We start from a current exhibition and end where we land. Every two weeks this spring, we invite our members to this in-depth look at art and culture from a creative and non-traditional perspective!

Everyone present will have the opportunity to contribute in different ways. The aim is that we will both learn something and go home with new ideas.

See you on Sundays this spring!

Dates and themes:

April 21: What's the deal with fashion as art?
Think-for-yourself seminar on the occasion of the exhibition Kaleidoscope by Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen. There is a strong link between the fashion world and the art world. Famous fashion photographers are often elevated as artists, and artists in turn inspire new expressions in fashion. But how is it that these two worlds seem to be so intimate with each other?

May 5: What's the deal with photo competitions?
Shouldn't it be impossible to compete in culture? After all, music, literature or photography is differently "good" for each individual reader. Yet we compete. Is it just foolish, or is there also something good about competition? What are your own experiences of competing in culture?

19 May: What's the deal with analog photography?
In the last quarter century, the conditions for photography have changed dramatically as the whole process has gone digital. But have we lost something important along the way? Is artist Jeff Wall right when he says that analog photography had a "liquid intelligence" that has now been lost? Does it matter to the viewer whether an image is created using digital or chemical processes?