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David Hodge & Hi-Jin Hodge


Hero Image for David Hodge & Hi-Jin Hodge

Spinning is a video installation that investigates human relationships through movement. Four dancers are filmed on rotating platforms, acting out a spontaneous emotional play. The camera captures their movements as they approach one another and recede, spinning through a series of changing interrelationships, much like humans do in everyday life.


Together, the dancers create a complex mosaic of human interaction, covering much of the underlying emotion of human experience

The piece is structured by video artists David Hodge (USA) and Hi-Jin Hodge (Sweden) who asked the dancers to convey a series of interpersonal exchanges. For example, one of the dancers conveys love; while the object of that love dances to express that the relationship is platonic. The dancers act out anger, pleasure, indifference, or a simple request, like asking a favor. The emotions that are expressed are both profound and trivial, and the dancers are free to interpret these requests with their bodies as they wish. Together, the dancers create a complex mosaic of human interaction, covering much of the underlying emotion of human experience.

Video artists David Hodge (USA) and Hi-Jin Hodge (Sweden) are an artist duo who collaborate on various projects concerned with the human condition. They use technology to create site-specific video installations. Via their installation art they aim to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. According to the artists, “We look for ways to bring connection, joy, provocation, stimulation, and inspiration.” David Hodge was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design. Hi-Jin Hodge was born in South Korea and raised in Sweden, and completed her degree at Central Saint Martins in London. The couple has exhibited extensively within the US, Scandinavia, and South Korea, and is represented in the permanent collections of the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden as well as the UCLA Fowler Museum of Culture History, Los Angeles, USA among others.

Curator: Michelle Marie Roy