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Whistleblowing at Fotografiska

At Fotografiska, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics within our organization. We believe that transparency and accountability are essential in maintaining trust and ensuring a safe and ethical working environment.

Whistleblowing plays a crucial role in our commitment to combating wrongdoing, corruption, and unethical behavior. We recognize the importance of providing a secure platform for our employees, partners, and stakeholders to report any concerns they may have about improper misconduct within our organization. Through our secure platform, WhistleB (https://whistleb.com/), you can confidentially report any suspected breach of law, business ethics, or other serious misconduct.

Our whistleblowing system is accessible to:

  • Employees and former employees
  • Staffing personnel
  • Jobseekers
  • Trainees
  • Consultants
  • Contractors and partners
  • Vendors
  • Any other person working under the supervision and direction of Fotografiska, or
  • Shareholder or person belonging to the administrative and management or supervisory body of Fotografiska, including non-executive members.

What to report:

Whistleblowing is used to report misconduct of vital public interest as well as illegal, unethical, or harmful activities that can negatively affect others, for example:

  • Corruption and financial irregularities; bribes, unfair competition, money laundering, fraud, conflict of interest
  • Health and safety violations; workplace health and safety, product safety, serious discrimination and harassments that are against law
  • Environmental violations; illegal, unethical behaviour of hazardous waste
  • Privacy violations; improper use of personal data 
  • Violations of our Code of Conduct

How to report:

Whistleblowing is a shared responsibility and by reporting any misconduct, you are helping Fotografiska uphold its commitment to ethics and integrity. The whistleblower committee at Fotografiska is responsible for reviewing, investigating, and taking appropriate action in response to reports. The whistleblowing committee will decide if and how a whistleblowing report should be investigated and, if applicable, escalated. Access to reports and messages received through the whistleblowing system is strictly restricted.

We are committed to addressing and rectifying any improper conduct that may be identified. There are no reprisals due to reporting a misconduct, but if it makes you feel more confident, you may report anonymously. You can make a report through our whistleblowing platform or contact the whistleblower committee by phone. In this case, you acquiesce that the report may not be anonymous.

Fotografiska Stockholm & Holding: Rania Yousef, +4673 802 88 63
Fotografiska Berlin: Sissy Buescher, +49 157 35 779 849

Reporting whistleblowing channels, allowing anonymous dialogue: 

Fotografiska Stockholm & Holding

For more information, please see:
FAQ https://whistleb.com/faq/whistleblower
How to send a message – a short introduction film