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Markos Kay

Nature Portals

datorgenererad bild, insekt på en blomma
3eye © Markos Kay

Like stepping into a storybook. This is one description of Markos Kay’s dreamlike artworks, which immerses you in a magical landscape with fantastical animals and mystical plants in a unique projection space of over 200 square meters. Nature Portals is this summer’s experience for the entire family at Fotografiska and runs from June 28 to August 11.

Markos Kay is a contemporary artist and designer known for his digital art and exploration of complex scientific and philosophical themes. This summer he is exhibiting his work Nature Portals at Fotografiska, which explores the intersection of art, technology, and science.

Since 2019, Kay has been largely bedridden by a neuro-immune disease, forcing him to create all his works from his home.

"peaceful journey through the imaginings of a neural network"

“With Nature Portals, I wanted to create a peaceful and immersive journey through the imaginings of a neural network. This series explores the implications of a world where nature and technology have become so intertwined that it questions the fundamental difference between the artificial and the natural,” says Markos Kay.

Kay creates his art with everything from moving images to painting and printmaking. The themes he explores revolve around such concepts as emergence, evolution, complexity and artificial life. His work has been shown in museums around the world, most recently in the Latent Spaces exhibition at Illusionaries in London.

Kay says that he does not see art and science as distinct disciplines but rather closely intertwined and constantly shaping each other.

AI-generated image, a cute turtle that's laying on a flower
turtleflower © Markos Kay

"like stepping straight into a storybook"

“It is an incredibly colorful and unique experience to be in the wondrous world of Markos Kay. In this dreamlike place, your imagination is set free, creating a landscape with the most exciting creatures. Here, young and old alike can enjoy a place that is like stepping straight into a storybook with mysterious animals, vegetation and music,” says Lisa Hydén, Director of Exhibitions at Fotografiska Stockholm.

Jesse Solomon Clark composed the music for the 11-minute video Nature Portals. The video will be shown from June 28 to August 11 in Annie, Fotografiska’s largest exhibition hall, with a projection area of 200 square meters.