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Sarah Moon


Sarah Moon | 12345 | Fotografiska Stockholm

Sarah Moon is a living legend. She is one of France’s most renowned contemporary photographers, filmmakers, and artists. Over the past 35 years, Moon has created a pictorial universe comprised of a constellation of figures, animals, structures, and environments. Moon’s images reside in the mysterious space between wake and dreams, art and fashion.

contains over 200 photographs and two video works

Moon was born in England in 1941. After concluding a successful modeling career, she made a name for herself as one of the first female photographers of haute couture. The images Moon created for the French fashion houses Chanel and Cacharel, as well as her legendary color compositions for Comme des Garçons, speak an extraordinarily poetic language. Moon’s career began with her fashion images; however, fashion photography makes up just a small part of her oeuvre.

Her imaginative imagery crosses the boundaries between her personal and commercial work. Moon’s pictures often reflect her search for an elusive, unexpected moment, at times melancholy and macabre, but always dynamic. She plans and stages her photographs meticulously, and then waits for the unexpected to happen.

Fotografiska is pleased to present Moon’s first exhibition in Sweden. The exhibition contains over 200 photographs and two video works entitled The Red Thread and Contact. Today Moon works primarily with creating her artwork and short films.

Supported by French Institute, Stockholm